The benefits of Biomax Aleppo soap for the skin are well established and widely appreciated by now.

But many people are still in doubt about whether they should use it in their hair or not.

Maybe this is a result of the modern cosmetic industry drilling people to only put shampoo & conditioner in their hair.

Seperate washes for the body, face, hair, ears is not a natural phenomenon.

So can you use Aleppo soap in your hair?

Yes. Unlike shampoo, Aleppo soap will act on the scalp and nourish it with essential fatty acids.

If your hair is neither naturally dry or greasy, applying Biomax Aleppo soap to your hair will clean it thoroughly, nourish the hair follicles and fibres, nourish the scalp and leave it feeling fresh and fluffy.

If your hair is greasy, the laurel oil in Aleppo soap will naturally inhibit the hyperfunction of the sebaceous glands, so less oil is secreted.

This is unlike modern shampoos, which seek to absorb the oil without balancing secretion levels. This only leads to dryness and the need for further treatment with oils.

Biomax Aleppo soap is great for people struggling with dry hair as well.

An abundance of fatty acids & vitamin E nourishes the follicles & fibres.

Olive oil & laurel oil were not regarded as miracle compounds by the Ancient Greeks for no reason.

These oils directly combat & correct dysfunction to bring balance to the hair, whether it is dry or greasy.

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