Set aside the hospital-patient mentality.

Our modern conception of health comes from the doctor, surgery and drugs. This is because the medical profession has become ever more focused on relieving drastic symptoms rather than seeing health as an entire lifestyle.

Let’s not wholly blame this profession and its respective industry. Heart attacks justify expensive surgery, but minor long term chest pain doesn’t. The more life threatening the ailment, the more resources are pooled toward it.

But this leaves a positive conception of health out of the picture.

We must see health as far greater than the mere continuation of lifespan. If we do not, then there is no distinction between the animal enclosed in the zoo running in a circle, and the beast galloping across the land with vital speed underneath an eternal sun.

Nature gives us energy. Nature gives us a positive conception of health: vitality. With vitality, we seek to avoid the hospital patient life. Enclosed spaces and white walls, the fluorescent lighting, the chemical for every purpose. Instead, we walk across the soil and grass connected to our skin, we feel the earth through our porous body. We rise and fall with the light of day.

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