About Us

Biomax is Energizing Through Elite Health Practices.

 We live in an environment leaving mankind severely lacking in vitality.

Modern lifestyles are unnatural, leaving your skin damaged as you expose it to harmful chemicals, fragrances and endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC's). Couple this with an indoor lifestyle, and you have a great recipe for an inferior life.

The health & wellness industry has grown over the past several years as people have started to wake up to the fact that their lifestyles are below par.

The health industry is growing. More people are health conscious. More people are being misled as to what real health is.

Walk in to any pharmacy/ cosmetic shop today and EVERYTHING on the shelves is terrible for your skin, hair & hormones. You are worsening your health.

If you are putting anything unnatural on your hair & skin, you are far from healthy. 

This is no way to live.

Imagine a soap bar which has been used and trusted by Ancient aristocracy. Has no toxic chemicals. Contains only 3 ingredients rich in naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals. Has the ability to clean, moisturize and pleasantly aromatize skin, face and hair alike.

Would you use it?

Aleppo Soap does it all. Olive oil, laurel oil & lye. That is it.

Biomax is focused on elevating the baseline of health. We intend on giving you access to only the highest quality natural products and wisdom to live a life of supreme ENERGY & VITALITY.

Welcome to Biomax!