More Choice is Less Freedom

In theory, you are totally free. It is commonly assumed that this freedom comes from your ability to choose your own destiny. If you live a life that is not in tune with your nature, you can change your life to fit it. 

But this is theory. In practice, how does our age of freedom look?

The true realisation of freedom in this world of choice is the strip mall. Endless cosmetic options. Different styles of clothing. Different types of cuisine. In this world, you can dress in a certain way and employ certain products to achieve your freedom.

This assumes a few things. First, it assumes that the sole end of humanity’s longing for liberty can be found in these cosmetics. Second, it assumes that freedom itself is the ability to change things rapidly and easily. 

But now imagine a man who promises - upon his honour - to live up to a standard. Perhaps this standard is to die for another if their life is threatened. Say their life is threatened. Is this man free if he chooses not to die for them? Or is he a slave to the easy option? 

The ability to choose cannot be the sole end of freedom. There is another part of freedom, and that is about self-mastery. One who is free can make a promise that is difficult to keep. One who is free can endure suffering for a cause that is righteous. 

Now compare this with the paltry freedom handed to you. A freedom that keeps your eyes fixated on inconsequential things. A freedom that distracts you from the ultimate goals that you could achieve. What dessert is closest to who you really are? What logo should you adorn on your white t-shirt? 

Biomax is about cutting the noise out of your life. Freedom is not found in colourful scented soaps and scrubs. It is found outside. It doesn’t have to be any more complex than that.

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