When a professional botanist is asked to inspect a dis-eased plant, the first thing he does is take readings of the soil.

If necessary, the botanist will take readings of the temperature, humidity, UV levels, the salinity of the air & the wind.

The botanist is capable of reaching a solution without a full inspection of the plant beyond the presented symptoms.

Dissection & microscopic observation is very rarely required.

The botanist knows the ideal environment for the plant, and will also have a good idea about what symptoms relate to certain environmental deficiencies.

Why can't Doctors take the same approach to human health?

Why do Doctors & the broader medical establishment assume that symptoms are a result of the patients dysfunction.

The root of dysfunction is always the environment and the resulting inputs

Humans are not dysfunctional. They are self healing.

If you go to the Doctor with cystic acne they will ask very little, if anything, about your diet, lifestyle, home & work environments, the materials you regularly come into contact with, etc.

Instead, they will go straight ahead with treating the acne directly.

At first, they will likely prescribe you topical pharmaceuticals like antibiotics or benzoyl peroxide.

These will NUKE your skin microbiome, leaving you exposed to illness & infection.

Anything with 'benz' at the start should ring alarm bells.

If this is unsuccessful, which is highly likely since dry skin will over-secrete oil & end up harbouring acne-causing pathogens, then they will likely prescribe Accutane or an Accutane derivative.

A single dose of Accutane is capable of killing a baby or causing a pregnant mother to have a miscarriage.

As for the prescribed user, side effects such as blurred vision, joint pain, muscle problems and lowered libido are all common.

It even has psychiatric side effects which have linked the drug to depression & several suicides.

There is even a FB group for "Accutane survivors" https://www.facebook.com/groups/AccutaneSurvivors/

Over two million young people have been prescribed the drug in the US.

For people to regard themselves as a "survivor" of a drug given to them by a medical practitioner that they put their trust in is shocking.

It's criminal.

There is ALWAYS a root cause of every disease. There is ZERO need to prescribe such a violent drug to anyone

Why do Doctors prescribe drugs like this?

Why is the root cause never addressed in conventional medicine?

How come the root cause of the plants dis-ease is identified and fixed, but when it comes to humans, we prefer to suppress the symptoms while the problem persists under the bonnet?

It boils down to money.

Think about it.

Big pharma companies have monopolies for certain drugs.

As the sole producer of a certain product, they decide the price point. A great mark-up is achieved for these companies.

But unless Doctors prescribe the drugs produced by big pharma, they aren't going to make much money.

In the UK, up to a fifth of a GPs salary is effectively commission on drugs.

As above, so below.

The patients themselves want drugs. They present the Doctor with the worst of their symptoms and will often lie in the hopes the Doctor will use his medical expertise and do something about it.

In the mind of the patient, medication is the magic solution.

Never mind lifestyle change.

So big pharma wants to sell the drug. The patient wants to take the drug. The Doctor wants to prescribe the drug.

It's a successful exchange across all 3 parties. It all depends on the patient not knowing any better.

But you know that this is not the way to live.

The established system isn't going to change anytime soon.

Doesn't mean you have to partake in it. You can choose to withdraw.

Whatever dis-ease you are experiencing at the moment can be solved by addressing the root cause.

This is achieved by simplifying & living naturally.

As you eliminate the unnecessary you will begin to feel better. More VITAL.

No real solution to any dis-ease will make you feel & function worse.



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