Biomax soap is not just a product. A product has a very particular use, and can be judged on the merits of that use. But many corporate brands claim they are more than a product. They point to the importance of their product as part of a lifestyle.

Certainly, Biomax is important in a lifestyle that appreciates the natural beauty of the world. We look upward to the sun and outward to the far horizon. But Biomax is not just a lifestyle.

If it was, then any supermarket product could accompany you in a life of true vitality with the right branding. But in order to appreciate our soap for what it is, you must accept a difficult thing about the world. It comes by reading the ingredients list of every packaged product offered to you. It comes by hearing the advice given by the supposedly prestigious health agencies all around the world.

 Most importantly, it comes by comparing that advice with real experience - comparing the dry industrial solvents you are told to
wash yourself with, with something real. Something hand crafted that has accompanied humanity through the ages.

When you realise that our modern experts, governments, and institutions cannot see reality through the dark winding caverns of rules and regulations they have lost themselves in, you may feel alone.

 If we appreciate that institutions claiming to be dedicated to finding truth have lost themselves somewhere along the way, then anything could be true. You find yourself in a world of doubts and uncertainties. The world as it was known before starts looking like a matrix you are unplugged from. 

But being unplugged is negative, it pulls us away. It does not entail an easy life. It means constant scepticism and apprehension to everything our society considers ‘normal’. This is not a healthy attitude.

When you realise the chemical warfare occurring in every washing product, it might feel like the only answer is to totally withdraw. Why eat when everything is poison? Why wash?

 Biomax is not just a product, nor just a lifestyle. It is the way we can answer withdrawal positively. Our mission is to make it completely and utterly effortless to thrive in the modern world, despite everything surrounding us.

Withdrawal and fear, they are just as poisonous as the toxic products we are told to use. We looked for answers to that fear and we found them. Biomax is our answer.

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