Look at these animals.

What do you see? Ailments? Imperfections? Physical slack? Degradation?

Or perfect posture? Mastery over domain? Flawless features? Impeccable aura?

Photographs of wild animals in their natural habitat are to be marvelled at.

Most importantly, it is a joy to observe noble animals.

But It is also IRREFUTABLE evidence of what we preach. Living naturally.

Just contrast the animals above with what you see day-to-day in the "human" world.

Pot bellies. Poor posture. Weary faces. Eyes facing the floor or hidden in the phone. Awkward feet at the root of an improper gait. Nervous rambling. Dull skin. No awareness. No presence. Surrogate beauty.

It's all physical degradation, or shame stemming from it.

Physical degradation as a result of our forgotten familiarity with nature.

So should you go & live in a remote cabin in the woods and eat raw meat & vegetables for the rest of your life?

Probably. All your problems would disappear. But is it necessary?

Undoubtedly you would gain benefit from proper food, fixed circadian rhythm, a grounded lifestyle, clean water, clean air, lack of tech, 5g, EMF's etc.

The true benefit from full immersion in the natural world is the singularity of purpose that comes with it.


What else matters?

All of the bloat of society which caused you so much angst before becomes visible for what it truly is; an artificial burden.

All of the bureaucracy, law, responsibilities, social conventions etc. become irrelevant.

Why? Survival is your SOLE focus

Imagine you are battling the wind, the rain, the Ocean, the predators every single day while hunting for your next catch to eat. To stay alive. To survive.

The man moaning about the cost of tickets to a concert or whatever will be completely & whole-heartedly unrelatable. Incomprehensible in fact.

He is living in an unknown reality to you.

All you know is survival & advancement.

All he knows is abstraction & distraction.

So what's the lesson here?

Modern man is confused, physically & mentally. But nature doesn't confuse.

Nature clarifies. It clarifies to you that your sole purpose is to survive, and you survive flourishingly through nature, not at the hands of abstraction.

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