You consume a credit card worth of plastic every week.

“OMG!! That’s so terrible!!”

It is. But let’s think about it differently.

Is it not amazing that you consume a large amount of toxins every single day & still manage to function to the extent that you do?

You surely know by now that microplastics are everywhere & are damaging humans over time.

The EDCs in plastic, soap etc. directly cause cancer, inheritable DNA damage, autism, immune dysfunction, mood disorders, reduced testosterone & reduced reproductive health.

We know all that.

But the body is rarely credited for its long-standing defence against pervasive endocrine disruptors.

The fact that the average person consumes a credit card worth of plastic & doesn’t even know it & is even oblivious to the dangers speaks volumes of the power of human physiological resistance.

Your body has been battling, expending tremendous amounts of energy, just to keep these EDCs at bay.

To give you a fighting chance at life.

When you fall ill your body works hard to eliminate the pathogens.

It’s exhausting.

It’s the same principle with EDC exposure. Constant EDCs =
constant low-level illness (low energy).

Now imagine if you weren’t in an environment riddled with EDCs.

You only consumed ¼ of a credit card instead of a full one.

You wouldn’t have to expend so much energy on constant overwhelming detoxification.

That energy can be spent on becoming a HIGHER BEING.

Instead of treading water & maintaining a low-level state of being, you can devote that energy to moving UPWARDS.

An abundance of physical, mental & emotional energy taking you towards VITALITY.

Physical development. Advanced thinking. Greater perceptiveness. More Action.

That is what it means to ENERGIZE Through Elite Health

Eliminate. Purify. Energize.


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