Are you clear on what a natural lifestyle is? A lot of people seem to be confused.

Think about this:

"It is tiring to force all the rules for the natural state into our artificially built world."

How much time, money & effort is spent today trying to be healthy by the agency of our artificial world?

Everything is broken down. Compartmentalized.

Take walking, for example. How often do you hear so-called fitness people telling you to "get your steps in"?

Then they intensively farm these steps out on a treadmill under artificial blue lighting, fuelled up on barely legal carbs while wearing EMF emitting Airpods.

But they don't actually go anywhere. Few know that the eyes need to perceive movement in order to fully activate fat burning biological pathways.

It's completely fake movement.

But they reached their daily step target, so they think all is healthy, because they regard themselves as healthy so long as the metrics they care about are to scientific standard, regardless of how they actually feel.

This is no way to live.

The real master in the art of living makes no distinction between work & play.

The beauty of human locomotion should not be resigned to a mere checklist of health objectives to be ticked off.

When the vital man walks, he walks outside. Barefoot. In the elements. In raw, virgin nature.


Because he wants to. He feels the urge to do it. To go somewhere.

It's not a chore to him. It's an instinct.

But while he is walking outside, barefoot and in nature, he is getting healthier. He is perceiving his surroundings which give him continuous feedback.

We are the species with the greatest stamina on Earth.

Real raw movement is as essential as food & water is to the human condition.

So the message is this:

Stop trying to forcefully bring health principles into the artificial world.

Build yourself a natural ecosystem instead.

Might sound daunting at first, but think about modern skincare.

Don't try to nourish your skin with artificial vitamin C, vitamin E, retinol, serums & whatever else individually.

Instead, find the most powerful & nourishing NATRUAL oils (olive oil & laurel oil), and use those instead.

You may think that you can curate a system whereby you have the perfect mix & application of man-made ingredients such that you are able to cover all bases.

But beware.

Nature is the most intelligent of all. There are so many factors and interactions that man cannot even conceive of.

You must live naturally.

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