Lived Experience Versus Research

When a wolf kills its prey, the first thing it eats is the liver and surrounding organs. How many peer-reviewed studies did that wolf read in order to learn the relative nutrient density of liver tissue?

In this example, we have uncovered two totally divergent modes of acquiring knowledge. One we can call explicit, and the other implicit.

Explicit knowledge is the knowledge we acquire by actively studying the world. It tells us about the chemical and physical structures of things and how they interact. In essence, it’s the explanation of causal relationships.

Implicit knowledge is the knowledge acquired through the condensed wisdom of many generations. It could be specific, such as ‘It is dangerous to go down that cave’, or it could be abstract, like ‘good things come to those who wait’.

The problem with implicit knowledge is that it can’t quite explain itself. Normally, defenders of implicit knowledge will say ‘we just do that’. Well, when an open-minded youth becomes frustrated and goes down the cave, who is to stop them?

The problem with explicit knowledge is that it’s shallow. It explains specific things but can’t cut though epistemic barriers. The smallest change in framework can destroy all the foundations of scientific knowledge in a click.

There are many who put all their faith in this explicit process of knowledge. They argue that, if you can’t explain something down to the particle, you don’t understand it.

But there is an intangible wisdom that traditions, folk tales, and guts tell us. And whether you like it or not, those stories and feelings are built from the largest meta-analysis of all time: your ancestors dying because they made mistakes.

Whatever modern science may recommend to you, whether it be artificial chemicals in your shampoo or artificial chemicals in your food, take a moment to consider just how ‘new’ these inventions are.

Perhaps, in a shallow way, one can survive under the constant stress of biological warfare. But can one thrive? Perhaps the real long-term study for these industrial solvents, processed slops, and gene-altering chemicals is you and your family.

Biomax is not divorced from this conversation. We are starting with the most foundational chemical product you encounter every day: Soap. With Biomax Aleppo soap, you can be assured that your skin will not be part of a long-term scientific experiment. Rather, you can use the exact same item that millions have used for thousands of years, unaltered in process and recipe.

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