Animals that live in cramped, restricted and claustrophobic spaces will either degenerate into beings that are worthy of such conditions, or refuse to breed. 

Conversely, the most noble animals possess a sense of carelessness. The lion can hunt at leisure and sprint in the open savannah. In these conditions, all of life becomes a series of puzzles and games. 


Aristocrats live like the lion. Turning every day into a hunt in one way or another. These men pursue conquest wherever it can be found and create it when it cannot. Their lives are an ideal to aspire toward. 


And yet how does one live like the lion in our own day? The best answer is to pursue living space. Living space is the rejection of conditions that degrade your soul into something cramped and degenerated. Conditions that turn your days into monotonous, empty black holes of nothingness in service of somebody else’s plans. 


One who pursues living space in our own age will be self-directed, self-actualised, and conscious. Every small or grand act in their lives will be done for a final goal. They will refuse the easy mediocrity that modern life offers us through subscription software and middle management.


Living space is an end in itself. Living in a noble way because it is beautiful, and being content that the world becomes more beautiful through nobility. 


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