This is how life is going to feel soon.

There's a great schism occurring in mankind.

You see, humanity, and in particular Europe, has enjoyed thousands of years of flourishing low-estrogen living, high energy & limitless vitality.

Global circumnavigation, polar exploration, western expansion, great art & great invention.

Natural living is at the root of ALL great achievement.

But be prepared because everything is going to change.

In the coming decades we will see a devastating reversal towards mass mediocrity.

Within the next century, humanity will become a hibernating species.

Look around you. We're already half way there.

How many people do you know that were content to exist in their own little isolated bubble during COVID lockdowns?

A people full of dynamism, energy & vitality would simply be unable to loiter aimlessly in their nest all day. Especially when its forced upon them.

Their physiology simply would not allow it.

So why are people succumbing to such docile living?

When tissues and organs are subjected to pro-inflammatory estrogenic conditions, the tissue becomes less functional by reducing its energy demands.

Metabolism slows, the rate of mitochondrial respiration declines.

Ordinarily, humans react to stress with increased activity.

Stress is a mover. Cortisol spikes in the morning to prompt you to wake up.

However, when the stress is perceived to be inescapable, an organism will enter a serotonergic state of hibernation/ complete harm avoidance.

Many today are under the thumb of intense estrogenic stress.

Since CONCEPTION, they've existed in a pro-inflammatory, pro-estrogenic environment.

The foods, the clothes, the cooking materials, the, the schools, the soaps, the toothpaste, the prescriptions, the TV, the gaming, the makeup. The list goes on.

The direct effects of all of this are well known by now.

But you also need to understand that increasing your level of estrogen will also lead to elevated serotonin through mast cell activation.

So it's no exaggeration to say that EDC's, in particular xenoestrogens, are effectively serotonin-increasing molecules (SSRIs).

The medical establishment regards serotonin as the happiness hormone.

What a cruel myth that is to perpetuate to the lost masses.

Serotonin is the molecule of contentment.

It makes you feel satisfied with your own poor functionality, low energy, low life.

But this is not you is it?

Yes, most are becoming more & more estrogenic, stressed, low
energy & are destined to be increasingly HIBERNATIVE over generations.

Many are already living isolated lives of a yeast like nature.

Formless & directionless. No distinction. Achievement is rendered impossible.

They do not grow towards anything. They hibernate, stay inside, shut away.

It’s a cruel positive feedback mechanism that turns your life into one of abject docility; of nothing remarkable.

Increased estrogens -> increased serotonin -> increased learned helplessness -> resignation. Result = hibernation.

That's the downward path.

However, you are here, along with a small minority of others who have the wherewithal to escape it. To go upwards instead.

A certain few are growing ever closer to the heart of vitality:

- Clearing detoxification pathways.
- Eliminating inflammation.
- Correcting their skin naturally.
- Creating high output hormonal activity.

Achieving this is like escaping biological PRISON & tasting real freedom for the first time.

So yes, there is a great schism occurring.

The same path that leads downwards to hibernation, leads upwards to vitality.

All things happen through biology.

It's on you to decide which way you will walk.

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