Within the last decades, the discussion of male mental health has been a disaster. It is time for clarity on this topic.


The suicide rate for men is extraordinarily high. This rising phenomena says something about the feeling of genuine resignation that so many men have toward not just their duties, but life itself. Accordingly, conversation of mental health becomes increasingly prevalent.


That conversation speaks of the need for men to open up, talk about their problems. Hire a therapist. But, it is devoid of an important word. This word captures the whole essence of the decline. But at the same time, it offers us the only solution to the catastrophe: PURPOSE.


Men need to be depended upon. This is not selfish or vapid, but beautiful. When men are needed, they are energised to unbelievable levels. The meaning of their action spurs them on to greatness. Without purpose, men recede into dormancy and depression.


There is a solution administered by contemporary culture. It’s simple! Men need to share their feelings, accept psychiatry and take medicine.


But these solutions are a comical parody. Notice how all three perform the same function: unload. Unload responsibility, unload feelings to other people, unload your darkness to a pill.


Men are not puzzles to be fixed and it’s insulting to treat us as such. These solutions fail to address the root of male anguish.


Men do not need professionals to unload on. They need brotherhood with likeminded soldiers. To tackle the world. They need fellow men who will go to the end of the earth with them. In struggle, in the pursuit of something greater. In being called upon for duty, men live to their highest potential.


We must be reminded of the vital importance of driven men. Great figures should not be scrubbed out, erased or have their statues toppled. They must be venerated and respected.


No amount of speaking about personal problems will fill the void at the bottom of your soul.


As a man, you can reinvent yourself at any moment. You do not have to wait for any arbitrary time. You have no responsibility to play the character that you were yesterday.

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