If you put on fat you develop new fat cells which can't be removed, only shrunk.

You make 1 bad choice.

9/10 times the next choice following on from that will also be bad for you. You begin to deteriorate.

A bank account earning compound interest earns more than an account earning only simple interest.

With compounding interest you earn interest on previous interest. With simple accounts, you only earn interest on the orignial amount.

If life was a bank account, would it earn simple or compound interest?

All it takes is to achieve success once.

Then it becomes clear how to do it again, plus you are a better character, more money, more status, healthier, whatever it is.

Way easier to do it the second time than it is the first.

As long as the hunger is there, you will keep becoming more and more successful.

Thats how Ronaldo won 5 champions leagues. Winning mentality.

People know this. But they neglect the idea of reverse compounding.

Because it's a lot scarier. People don't want to acknowledge the sincerity of their failures.

Mess up on something for the first time. Do it again. You develop the behavioural pattern of losing. It becomes comfortable & familiar.

Thats how it's so easy to get stuck.

If this is you, here's the plan:

Prioritise health over EVERYTHING. Money, friends, jobs, etc. Get rid of everything that is hindering you. Go back to bassline. Go outdoors, go in nature, train & eat real food only. Be relentlessly consistent. Your body is all you have. Treat it like a winner would.


This is the highest ROI way to get things to positively compound.

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