“Put your big boy pants on”.

“Snowflake generation”

“The youth of today are too sensitive”.

“Back in my day COD was a fish and we had 1 slice of bread for Dinner to share between me and my 16 siblings”.

Are you familiar with such ramblings? Do they annoy you? Or maybe you agree?

These statements are usually made from the armchair of a house that cost about $20, or 1-weeks wages in the mid-20th century.

This sentiment is fuelled by nostalgia. Nostalgia only occurs when your quality-of-life drops.

Ascending life does not yearn for the past.

But let’s not get bogged down in petty deliberation about intergenerational differences.

The real point of this email is to tell you that sensitivity is good. A blessing.  Something to strive for.

When an old person tells you youre “too sensitive”, this is a direct attack on you and a great source of your power.

Swiftly disregard anything said to you of the like.

Sensitivity is a high responsivity to the environment.

Why is this good?

Let’s look at it from both ends of the spectrum.

An INSENSITVE man eats a big mac. He always eats a big mac. He likes it but doesn’t love it particularly . But he doesn’t hate it either.

He doesn't really take much notice of how it makes him feel anymore. It's routine.

He just scoffs it and does whatever's next.

SENSITIVE man eats a big mac. He’s never even heard of McDonalds before, but he’s new to the area sees the big neon M sign driving down the highway and is lured in.

He’s known nothing other than fresh local produce from nearby farms his whole life.

Up until now.

He bites into the Big Mac. The artificial serotonergic chemicals deceive him enough for him to continue munching. He enjoys the novel taste.

After he’s finished, he still feels hungry. He starts to feel sluggish and his stomach churns.

His body starts to feel tired as it works overtime to process that which it knows not how to.

It’s a feeling he’s never felt before. The burger UPSETS him.

You think he’s going to eat there ever again?

The point is this:

Bad things need to feel bad.

The insensitive man who has desensitized himself to corruptive slop has a problem.


Well, this is where the other end of the spectrum comes in.

Good things need to feel good.

Success needs to feel good. Winning needs to feel good.

The blood must become animated at the prospect of what can
become of you.

It’s impossible when your veins are filled with hydrogenated soybean oil, polysorbate 80, benzenes, PUFA, SLS etc.

All of that stuff makes you lethargic.

Testosterone, DHT, pregnenolone, progesterone, thyroid hormone, all hormones of ascension, are thwarted as the body devotes its energy to processing banal "food".

You need to be enlivened by winning.

It doesn’t happen when your endocrine system is that of a docile 75-year-old who moans about the “sensitive youth”.

Good things will feel good when you allow energy to flow freely.

Become sensitive. Acknowledge the true nature of reality.

"As within so without".

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