There is a product for every function. Let’s take the fitness world. You can buy a different suite of amino acids for every day of the week. You have pre, intra and post workout shakes. Have you ever considered why? 

Our default assumption is this: There are a team of experts behind it, and they care. Each component of the long, unreadable ingredients list is another specially selected tool in the kit. Taken together, you are given an optimized formula that is crafted perfectly for your situation and your needs. 

But the long ingredients list… could there be another motive behind it? 

In reality, this is a timeless trick. It generates trust from customers. Make your product formula so impossible to understand that our heads fly over it. Most customers cannot read what’s in the product because they have no scientific background to do so. 

Instead of causing concern, this sparks our imagination. It makes us think whoever can understand this list has a special insight. They have studied the complex names so that we don’t have to, and we can be rest assured that the product does what it claims. 

But all too often, it doesn’t. There is a transparency crisis in health products, and it reaches wider and further than you could ever imagine. 

The complexity in the ingredients list is a ploy. Each ingredient insults the customer whilst pretending to be advanced and intentional. The real motivation behind those long names is to kill honesty, pack the product with cheap fillers, and reach mass production with serious profit margins. 

The same is undoubtedly true with hygiene products. Check your shampoo and consider whether the fruits and flowers pasted across the packaging are deceiving you. 

We understand that simplicity will create the most nourishing and effective product you can find. The more ingredients you add, the more problems you cause. That’s why we only need three ingredients: olive oil, laurel oil and lye. Biomax Aleppo soap lets nature and time do the work. 

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