In Ancient Greece, there were 2 types of athletic games:

Chrematitic ('monetary') games: e.g. Panathenaic games. Athletes take home prizes of monetary value.

Stephanitic ('crowned') games: e.g. Olympics. The winner was only crowned.

How unusual would it seem to many of the athletes of today to be competing in your absolute prime and not receive anything tangible for your efforts?

These athletes were not competing for an income, fame, status, or anything external at all.

The purpose was the competition itself.

They took great pleasure in taking their bodies to their limits against fellow competitors.

The athletes all had other commitments outside of competing.

Alexander I of Macedon competed in 504 BC.

Could you imagine the leaders of our day ever being physically able to compete in the Olympics?

Let alone compete without being paid a hefty fee, or do it as some sort of PR stunt.

The competitors were of an elite level of athleticism even by todays standards.

We know this because the statues depicting their physiques are still marvelled at today.

They are widely regarded as perfect.

They were achieved with ZERO external motivation.

Today, the culture is totally different Archie.

Take health & cosmetic products. Selling good health in & of itself is not enough for most people.

Most people have never truly experienced ELITE health. So how are potential customers ever going to relate to it?

The external benefits are sold instead.

Looks. Money. Status. Power. Sex.

These should be side effects. The main motivation should be to be healthy for health's sake.

The motivation to live healthily & naturally should be YOURSELF.

That is key to mastering the art of living well.

Purity & vitality of life comes when you are healthy and live everyday through a lense of good health.

The Ancient Olympians lived in this mode and it produced the best results.

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