No one alive today is capable of combative mounted archery.

Huge problem.

There is nothing out there more worth mastering.

To have the pin-point accuracy to hit a moving target whilst actually being on the move AND stabilizing yourself on a horse going at 30mph AND orienting the horse correctly AND being able to release the arrow in the less than 1 second you have where the horse is off its hoofs is nothing short of remarkable.

It's a skill that dates back to at least the invasion of Europe by mounted Indo-European warriors 1800 - 1300 BC.

Before any great widespread sophistication of language took place.

These great archers were not taught orally. But there are many great tales which speak of the otherworldly capability of certain warrior archers.

But have no doubt that if mounted archery was common today there would be a flock of "experts" on the periphery ready to show you science-based mounted Archery.

These scientific experts would be telling you all about the ideas of mechanics, tension, elasticity, resistance etc. Stood there with iPads analyzing data.

These experts have 0 clue of the damage this does.

In the golden age of mounted archery, there wasn't enough vocabulary to even verbalize these concepts. It was lived without being spoken of.

Words cannot truly capture the reality of things.

Verbalized consciousness is inferior to being in THE STATE of FLOW; full immersion in what you do through a synchronistic marriage of consciousness & action.

The mounted archer developed to be a WORLD CONQUEROR through his immediate intuition & sensing of the bow.

Not through his knowledge of it.


Flow state is not something to be aimed for.

Strive directly for flow & it will perpetually evade you, frustrate you, and draw you further away from it.

It is something to be arrived at by way of having an elite biological function, courtesy of:

High quality environment.

High octane lifestyle

It's real simple. You will end up in a state of flow if your body intuits you need to (high octane lifestyle).

But it takes a certain amount of biological optimization to gain the signalling functionality to even realize what must be done(high quality environment).

This is the essence of true aristocratic living.

Take "The Sport of Kings" - polo.

Its the sport with the most likeness to Ancient mounted archery.

Hitting a ball with a mallet engages very similar patterns of fine motor control to firing an arrow, especially on horseback.

Both are sprints of high quality inputs to both the brain & body.

Competition, perception, multi-faceted co-ordination, orientation.

Even mastery of "togetherness" with a horse is a high quality developmental stimulus, whether people want to recognise it or not.

The 1 common thread through ALL of the truly elite in every historical society is their strong REFUSAL to become hyper-specialized at anything.

The average man does the same thing for 8 hours a day, everyday.

Meanwhile the traditional aristocrat begins his day with a stately walk, indulges in some reading, write a few letters to statesmen, shoots some clay pigeons if he wants to, maybe goes on a fox hunt or plays a game of polo, and ends the day with a glass of whiskey over a game of chess which he plays for as long as his heart desires.

A complete spectrum of inputs enables mastery of all mental & physical faculties.

Ancient mounted archers & traditional aristocracy gravitate towards similar ways of being.

Both existed at the top of the hierarchy.


The conditions required to be ELITE will never change.

The main ingredient is living in flow.

Ignore experts trying to talk you out of it.

Receive your own downloads from nature that let you live in it.

Convert to action.

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