There is no doubt that modern society is vastly mismatched. At once there is the sleepless, bustling city constructing a new skyscraper or productive block every week. On the other, there is the timeless countryside, blissfully unaware of all that goes on in the wider world.

In the same way, there is coastal and inland living. Nations such as Australia and America experience this stark contrast especially. The coast creates trade. People move fluidly as the water. But the land stays solid like the people above it.

The speed of life in the city and the coast are immense. So much so that they pull youth from the inlands and country and leave those regions feeling somewhat abandoned. Slow economic activity and an aging population stack upon the experience of desolation for those who remain behind.

There is no doubt of the dynamism of the coast and city. It
is attractive. But it is also loud enough to fill our ears with every
distraction we need. If there is a pleasure we seek, we find it in abundance. There is no hour to be solitary in the truest sense - far away from others.

The years move faster in the city and the seasons are felt
less intensely. Life passes by with carelessness. The country is slow, but austere. The silence forces us to look inward and to consider our path in life. The intensity of the natural world is exposed. 


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