Is our own mind.

The adict decides to clean up his actions. He spends 9 months clean.

"1 hit for old times sake" he tells himself. He rekindles his addiction.

"1 cake won't hurt." 10 minutes later the fat man has devoured the whole box.

The problem with this behavioural pattern is not just in the action itself. How you feel about yourself for taking such actions, and the consequential actions afterwards are the real problem.

You set yourself on a downward spiral. Most have to hit rock bottom before they fix up, or stay at rock bottom.

There are no doubts that our soap brought you great success. Acne gone. Blemishes gone. Skin glowing.

So you think: "skin is glowing and healthy. I have fixed it. I will be able to return to using the sweet smelling big soaps, have a few late nights and enjoy a bit of seed oil slop."

Stop this mindset. It's a slave mindset stopping you from reaching your full potential.

Sure it's a bit different from the heroin addict deciding to restart his soul crushing addiction.

But is it really?

The thought pattern of cleaning up then thinking you can now manage and keep a lid on old destructive behaviours is as much of a problem as the action itself. No matter what, it is limiting.

And they always get out of hand.

Everything affects epigenetic expression.

You tell yourself that it's ok or "normal" to make poor decisions for your health.

Biologically this will damage you. But how do you think employing such psychology will manifest itself in your appearance?

Not well. You will eminate an aura of no confidence. You consciously REPEATEDLY do bad things to yourself and you will dislike yourself for it.

That's why you should SUBSCRIBE to Aleppo soap.

This will solve your problems and get you off of the DOWNWARD spiral and on the UPWARD one. To the heights of mankind.

The crackheads best chance at recovery is to completely cut himself off from the source. To move away.

Frame it this way and he only has to make 1 good decision to solve his problems. If he stays where he is near all his crackhead friends, he has to say no everytime his friends want to smoke with him.

Eventually he will give in to temptation.

You should do the same. Subscribe to Aleppo soap, safe in the knowledge that a bar of the worlds purest soap will be delivered to you whenever you need it.

Rather than battle your inner demons attempting to get you to sabotage your endocrinological health and vitality everytime you pass the big soap shops because you have run out of Aleppo soap.

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