Many today are content to exist in an amorphous state.

The age doesn’t just allow this, but actively encourages excess passivity & withdrawal into alternate realms.

Ever noticed how pathetically people react when their modern comforts are taken away?

Wi-Fi not working. No AC at the gym. Air Pods gone missing.

They overreact at the slightest instability. God forbid anything serious ever does happen to them in their mollycoddled world.

They take their luxuries as an absolute given.

You can't afford to be like this.

Of course, let your tools help you live a good life. But be capable of living without them.

When things go pear-shaped, embrace it.

Embrace the uphill struggle. Choose to walk uphill even if you don't have to.

It is where the real lessons are & true mastery over life begins.

During periods of great struggle when your resources are stripped away, you will realise that EVERYTHING in your life only ever depended on 1 thing working.

Your body.

A primed body is the root of everything else.

Ability to think, produce, execute, enjoy, love.

EVERYTHING depends on the body.

In our great artificial age people have lost sight of this universal truth.

The machinery of our day is perceived as a substitute for human effort.

The body is relegated

Why walk when you can drive?
Why play sport when you can play video games instead?
Why think when you can use Chat GPT?

Live like this and your body will vegetate.

It doesn’t need to be capable. Your hormones stop firing as technology does everything for you instead.

Keep your body primed & vital by learning to embrace the uphill struggle.

The shortcuts people take today will bite them back in the future.

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