Rats are four-legged fury rodents. They thrive in squalor and scuttle about underground looking for rubbish to eat.

Homo sapiens are bipedal. We have a much greater capacity to live thanks to our better brains, eyesight, consciousness etc.

You know that rats & humans are different.
We learn the differences between species when we are about 3 years old.

It's one of the first things we ever commit to memory.

We all know the differences.

But do scientists?

If they do know the differences, why do they use rats for their studies thinking it has relevance to humans?

Yes, we share 97% of the same DNA as rats.

We also have 65% of the same DNA as bananas.

Surely, then, basic studies conducted on bananas would have some validity when it comes to humans?

Most would scoff at the idea of using bananas instead of rats. Rightfully so.

The point is this: there are far better metrics to judge things with than what scientific studies have to offer. Such as:

- What are the ingredients?
- Is it natural?
- Has it stood the test of time?
- Do other people like it?

These are the sort of questions to ask yourself when considering a product before you consult "The Science".

The only studies that really matter are the ones that you conduct yourself by trusting your own judgements and learning from failures and maintaining successes.

If you are vital you are guided from within.

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