Have you ever had acne?

Chances are that you have at some point, at least to some degree.

The chances also are that you regrettably decided that an acne specific cleanser you saw on the cosmetic store shelf was the best course of action.

And it probably worked. For a bit anyway.

But did it make your skin dry? Or even greasier if you went a day without using it?

So what did you do then? Buy a moisturizer? An exfoliant?

Now you're in deep waters.

You've added more variables. You've increased the likelihood of skin issues worsening.

More artificial inputs = even more problems.

When you go about skincare like this, you're just playing whack-a-mole.

Except when you whack 1 mole, another mole is added to the game.

Eventually there's too many moles for you to keep them all down at once.

That's what happens when you artificialize & compartmentalize your skincare.

You add 1 product which creates knock on effects, so you add another product to solve that problem, but that product also has knock on effects. And so on.

So you see how skin issues manifest.

YOU create them.

So you can also SOLVE them.

The 1st step is to withdraw.

Let the skin heal. It wants to heal itself and is perfectly capable of doing so.

Otherwise you would be wearing every cut & bruise you've ever had.

Ditch the cluttered shower shelf. Cut out all grains, plastic packaged food and anything processed. Avoid artificial air (indoor air).

Anything that might be causing health issues, cut it out.

The 2nd step is to nourish.

Real food. Real soap (Aleppo soap). Real air (outdoors). Real light (sunlight). If it is natural it is real.

High impact, low intervention.


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