This idea of simplicity is a drum we have beaten well.

The more you add, the greater the potential for problems to arise. Simplicity is, simply, the answer to the excess of today.

But there is far more to it than that.

There are many great lessons to be learned from the world of flora.

There is no medical-industrial complex or big pharma for plants.

Plants cannot be deceived. There is no masking tape. What works, works.

Gardeners want a beautiful garden. Healthy plants = beautiful garden.

A large part of the plants physical form results from its automatic growth towards the sun, and it's need to harness the light for energy.

The cells on the side of the plant furthest from the light source elongate so that the plant not only grows so it doesn't get shaded out by other plants, but also to direct the growth towards the light.

This is achieved using a phytohormone called auxin.

PIN proteins push the auxin out of one cell and into the next. PIN proteins regulate auxin flow.

The PIN proteins require the signal of the enzyme D6PK (D6 Protein Kinase).

These enzymes modify the PIN proteins through the transfer of phosphate groups, in order to activate the PINs as auxin transporters.

Now consider that the gardener is the custodian of the health of the plant. Much like you are the custodian of your own health.

Have you ever seen a gardener add 1g/lb of plant-weight PIN protein to the water in his garden hose?

Does the average gardener know what PIN protein is? Does any gardener know what auxin is?

The gardener doesn't know any of this. Even if he does, he doesn't care . It doesn't matter 1 bit.

All the gardener cares about is the quality of the soil, sufficient quality water and enough sunlight.

Get these things right and the plants will reach their full potential.

It's all about the environment.

For all living things.

We are all guilty of at some point thinking a certain food, drug or supplement is the magic bullet to heal our specific problem.

That maybe there is a missing link somewhere within us, and that is what needs to be addressed.

We forget that we are self-healing. Open wounds don't stay open forever.

All that we require is sunlight, nutrition, oxygen & movement.

There is no missing link beyond these 4 things

You don't have to strip these things down to a scientific level all of the time.

Understanding of health is like the horseshoe.

When you are a kid you have it right:

You get injured, you run it off.

You're told to get some fresh air oxygen & sunlight if you become irritable.

If you're upset, you get something nutritious to eat.

If you can't sleep, you haven't moved enough in the day.

Then, thanks to deeply rooted science culture, we start to try & pinpoint where the issue lies biologically for the problems that can be solved just by living the right lifestyle:

You think you can't sleep due to insufficient melatonin production.

You believe you are irritable because of carbohydrates.

You try & address specific weaknesses in your kinetic chain thinking they caused your injury, when in fact if you were in motion more often those areas would never become weak.

You can spend your whole life in the lab. Tinkering with foods, quantities, supplements, timings, methods etc.

Nothing wrong with this.

But people mistake this lifestyle for health. It isn't what health is.

If you are spending all of your time perfecting your science-based lifestyle, the complicated routine becomes your own prison.

Many of those stuck in the science based lifestyle were healthier when they were younger.

When they used to play outside in fresh air & sunshine for hours, eating out of pure hunger for fuel, sleeping when tired.

When you are truly vital, you have more in common with this free-spirited mode of living than you do with the modern "healthy" lifestyler.

All of this is not to say you shouldn't care about your health.

It is to say that complication is fruitless & cumbersome.

Complication lessens vitality.

The intuition, downstream from our ability to heal ourselves, can only speak to us and be heard if we are living in true simplicity.

That is the ONLY way we can know what we truly need, and it will ALWAYS bring you greater health than anyone else's knowledge.


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