Think about what your grandparents’ life might’ve been like.

Or even your grandparents’ grandparents.

Eating porridge every day. They never questioned it.

Not once did they think: “maybe we should try something new”.

They didn’t have the luxury of choice that you do, Archie.

You can buy any food from any corner of this Earth.

You’re spoilt for choice, moreso than the Kings & Queens of old.

The massive global chains of food production are widely regarded as a great triumph of the modern world.

But it has its downsides.

Your forefathers could only eat what they locally had access to. This was a FRACTION of the choice you have if they had any at all.

They were CONSISTENT in their habits because they had to be.

They could not dream of the choices you have access to today.

But constantly making choices can leave you wandering & directionless.

Especially when it comes to the basics of your routine.

Why should you waste time choosing this soap or that soap?

You know what works (Aleppo soap). Buy it & keep it moving.

Everyday you choose the flashiest soap product, eat the trendiest foods & consume the latest overhyped “can’t live without” supplements or sports drink.

Your quality of life is at the mercy of mega corporations who have no idea who you are, and nor do they care.

How can you expect to cultivate real MOMENTUM & VITALITY if your most basic health practices differ by the day?

No building will survive without solid foundations.

Your foundation is a SIMPLE routine, made up of the highest-grade building materials possible.

Because only with the MOST ELITE materials can you build the most aesthetic buildings.

This isn’t about buildings…

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