When you eat fast food, how do you feel after?

Sluggish? Regretful? Do you tell yourself you aren't eating slop ever again?

You are of good health.

The healthier you are, the worse you feel after eating bad foods.

Unhealthy people already exist in a lackluster state of low vitality from consistently opting for such low energy inputs.

What difference will a bit of fast food make to someone who was of poor health before hand?

Same principles apply to soap.

If you are reading this then at some point in your life, you have noticed some ill-effects of your bodywashes, shampoos, etc.

Whether that be mild itching, dryness, greasiness, blotchy skin, acne, inflammation, or something more sinister.

That means your skins microbiome is healthy and switched on to foreign chemicals (invaders).

Your skin can only defend itself for so long though.

If it isn't nourished properly then its defenses against chemicals (including EDC's) will be rendered ineffective.

Even if you apply chemical soap to healthy skin, there is still a risk. Skin is permeable, as per image below.

Areas such as the genital area are particularly prone to exposure to chemicals, hence why we have such high rates of testicular cancers when compared to all other cancers, which are also on the rise.

So it boils down to this:

You eat everyday, you wash everyday. These are the 2 main inputs into your system.

Food & soap.

You don't eat ultra-processed lab grown slop everyday.

So why would you wash yourself in that sort of stuff?

Make the switch and make huge advancements.

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